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Below Are The Various Packages Offered And Recommended Schedules
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9-Step Weed & Feed Basic Package

 Step 1: Lime application in January
 Step 2: Pre-m application with fertilizer   in March
 Step 3: Broadleaf weed control in April  
 Step 4: Broadleaf spot spray in May
 Step 5: Insect control in June
 Step 6: Iron application in July
 Step 7, 8 and 9: Fall fertilizers in   September, October, and December

3-Step Premium Turf Care Package

(Disease Control Only)
Unwanted Grass Control, Additional Cost

 Step 1: Fungicide application in May
 Step 2: Fungicide application in June
 Step 3: Fungicide application in July


2-Step Premium Plus Turf Care Package

 Step 1: Iron application in June
 Step 2: Iron application in August

Core Aerate, Overseed, Starter Fertilize

 Step 1: September-October
 Step 2: September-October compost   for  obsessed results. This is done at   additional cost.

5-Step Foundational Insect Application

 Step 1: Foundational insect application   in April
 Step 2: Foundational insect application   in May
 Step 3: Foundational insect application   in June
 Step 4: Foundational insect application   in July
 Step 5: Foundational insect application   in August

5-Step Bermuda Package

 Step 1: Bermuda application in April  
 Step 2: Bermuda application in May
 Step 3: Bermuda application in June
 Step 4: Bermuda application in July
 Step 5: Bermuda application in August 




5-Step Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

 Step 1: Dormant oil spray in March
 Step 2: Insect/fungus and inspect/treat   in June
 Step 3: Insect/fungus and inspect/treat   in July
 Step 4: Insect/fungus and inspect/treat   in August
 Step 5: Fall fertilizer application in   October

6 Step Plant Bed Maintenance

 Step 1: Spray/pull weeds in April
 Step 2: Spray/pull weeds in May
 Step 3: Spray/pull weeds in June
 Step 4: Spray/pull weeds in July
 Step 5: Spray/pull weeds in August
 Step 6: Spray/pull weeds in September

Note: this service only comes with mowing on a weekly basis.

Additional Services
• Soil test
• Dethatching
• Mole control
• Grub control
• Sod
• Vole applications
• Grading
• Foundational insect spray • Deer repellent
• Plant bed soil test
• Pruning
• Grub applications
• Mulching
• Plant bed clean-ups
• Bed top dressing compost for obsessed results
• Tree and shrub applications

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